The People

Josh E. Ramirez, PhD, NPPQ, PMP

Chief Executive Officer


Shari De Baets, PhD, NPPQ

President, European Operations

and Chief Forecasting Scientist


Jodi Bull Wilson, PhD, CICM

President, North American Operations

and Chief Behavioral Scientist


Melissa Slater, PhD

President, Project Management Research



Board of Advisors


Michael Barbera, PhD

Chief Behavioral Officer at Clicksuasion Labs


Kam Jugdev, PhD, PMP, MEng, MHSA, BScN, BSc

Professor, Faculty of Business, Athabasca University


Julia Behrend, PhD

Studied at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Cognitive Studies, PSL Research University, Paris, France


Rich Maltzman, PMP

Senior Lecturer, Boston University. Sustainable Project Management expert and former PMO Director, co-author of Bridging the PM Competency Gap and co-author of Green Project Management, winner of PMI’s 2011 Cleland Award for literature.


Ruth Pearce, PMP, ACC, JD

Author of Be a Project Motivator, and Project Manager at VIA Institute on Character


Jean Oursler, PhD, MS-IT

President and CEO of Alden Consulting Group and author of The Results Formula


Heather Di Bella, PhD, MBA, PMP, CSM, CSPO

Senior Program Manager, Viasat


Jamie Schubert, MBA

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, StemGenex


Tim Bussman, MBA

Adjunct Professor of Project Management, Project Manager at AECOM, and MBA graduate from Pepperdine


Carole Osterweil

Executive coach and author of Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience



Founding Champions

Mark Reeson, RPP, FAPM, PMP, AfCGI

M R Project Solutions, United Kingdom


Britta Eremit, SSCC, SSC, EBC

beChange & Company, Germany


CJ Walker Waite, PhD, PMP

PraxisTransforms, United States


Recognizing Major Contributors to the Field

Rolf Lundin, PhD

Research domain: Project Management theories

University of Chicago and Jönköping International Business School


Daniel Kahneman, PhD

Research domain: Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Economics

Princeton University


Richard Thaler, PhD

Research domain: Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance

University of Chicago


James McKeen Cattell, PhD

Research domain: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

University of Leipzig


Kurt Lewin, PhD

Research domain: Social Psychology

University of Berlin





Join your peers and become a member of the most advanced project management endeavor, the building of #projectscience through the neuro, behavioral, and cognitive sciences! Behavioral Economics has made great strides, so what are we waiting for?


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