NeuralPlan NPPQ Credential Course

What’s in a name? NeuralPlan takes its name from designing planning processes around the way the brain operates and humans think - thus the words neural (designed around human cognition) and plan (project planning). It is not purely neuroscience, not purely behavioral science, not purely cognitive psychology, and not purely social psychology. It is a whole-brain perspective on how humans make predictions in plans and forecasts in projects.


NeuralPlan is built from solid science, based in evidence, that has tested how humans make decisions when planning and forecasting, and mitigated the errors through redesigning processes, metrics, skills, and interfaces to reduce the errors in project prediction.


The target audience of this course are project managers, program managers, project controls, estimators, risk analysts, executives, and anyone else who plays a role in planning, forecasting, and risk (any form of project prediction). This course will enrich your knowledge from what you have already learned by doing. The course is based on scientific research, but don’t let that scare you! We might add some references here and there so that you can look something up more in-depth if you want to do so, and of course to give recognition to those authors that formulated the concepts and theories in question.

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The course is self-paced through an online training platform that uses gamification as part of its core training philosophy. This learning format encourages participation and increases retention of knowledge. The course is estimated to take around 120 hours to complete. From date of purchase you have a full 12 months to complete the course and take the test.


The course will be fully online and self-paced with recorded videos by the authors Dr. Shari De Baets and Josh Ramirez, and certification tests after course completion. The NeuralPlan release will occur in the following stages:

  1. Phase 1 (complete): Full course launched April 30th, 2021
  2. Phase 2 (complete): NeuralPlan available at the rate of $2,497, for those who had not purchased in the pre-launch sales.
  3. Phase 3: In phase 3 NeuralPlan will move to online proctored exams after course completion. Online proctored exams are estimated to begin in 2022. 


Questions should be directed to [email protected] Please add this email address to your contacts to ensure delivery of your login information. If you have purchased the course, and not received your login information after 72 hours, please check your junk email folder. 


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