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    Use behavioral science to work out a strategy for rolling out BPM

    The questions I would start with is "who is most open to a new approach?" "Who already has an awareness and appreciation for behavioral science?" "Who are the iconoclasts in industry?" "Which organizations are trying to take on the challenge of big business in their field and want a new way of doing things to hasten their progress?" For example, Walmart taking on Amazon. An organization that is facing setbacks and is looking to change the way they recognize and respond to opportunities. For example, government, pharma, healthcare, some financial companies who have been facing lawsuits and bad press. Any organization that feels they have a good handle on their process and their future (Amazon, Google etc.) is likely to be a harder sell in my opinion. The most innovative companies are also arguably the companies who are most confident in the processes they already have in place. Organizational leaders who are aware of the challenges ahead and who are not satisfied with the results of their organization's current process will be ready to consider something new. One final question, what does behavioral science tell us about how attitudes change and who is open to experimentation?